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  • Julian Lekner

DST Food on track to produce high-quality meat analogues as a sustainable and "everyday choice"

DST News Release

DST Food on track to produce high-quality meat analogues as a sustainable and “everyday choice”

Dutch Structuring Technologies B.V. (DST) is pleased to announce it has made significant progress in its ambitions to provide the global food industry with high-quality, textured plant protein as an “everyday choice”, thus accelerating the Protein Transition to sustainable plant-based foods and providing food manufacturers with the means to make fibrous meat-like textures that go beyond current manufacturing technologies.

DST was founded in late 2020 to commercialize the novel Continuous High Shear technology, key to producing improved fibrousness in textured proteins, which was developed in close collaboration with the innovative equipment manufacturer Sobatech and venture builder BOX NV, who holds a track record in successful venture building with innovative technologies for the food industry. Both companies are headquartered in the Netherlands.

The key to DST's innovative processing technology is the ability to decouple the shear required to texturize protein from product throughput, which enables DST to produce of a wide variety of fibrous meat-like textures, ranging from chicken-like to fish-like, with the added advantage that the new technology is readily scalable. These features mean that DST products can be offered to the market at competitive pricing that will support the transition to plant-based foods and make plant-based foods an "everyday choice" for consumers. In addition to working collaboratively with customers on tailor-made products, DST is also developing its own range of high-quality plant-based meat and fish textures that will be introduced in due course.

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. joined DST as a shareholder in November 2021, bringing to DST its 70 years of plant-based food application experience and access to markets in Asia and beyond.

DST, headquartered in Maastricht, plans to commercialize its novel highly fibrous meat

analogues through a B2B business model. DST recently acquired a commercial production facility in Zwaag, The Netherlands and is currently in the process of setting up an R&D and applications facility in Wageningen, the heart of the Dutch Food Valley. DST is currently working closely with a select group of key customers in development projects, and the first commercial production is scheduled for Q3 2023.

For further information on this news release, please contact:

Julian Lekner

Managing Director

Dutch Structuring Technologies BV


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