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Exclusively for the meat and fish substitution industry 

Join our food revolution

A growing world population needing good quality protein. We need to reduce our consumption of animal protein and create a more sustainable food system, but we still have a strong desire to experience the texture and taste of meat from plant-based products. 

These are the drivers that inspired us to develop a game-changing range of plant-based textured proteins similar to meat. 


Tasty plant-based alternatives

Our ambition is to provide customers with textures as close to real meat or fish as possible using the very simplest and cleanest of ingredients, and make plant-based meat an everyday food.


The difference

To ensure that our products can sit on everyone’s table, we developed a novel production technology that can produce high quality plant-based meats in the volumes that food manufacturers require.



Our textured protein revolution
Wide range of textures

How do we produce textured protein ranging from beef to fish?

In essence, we can take the simplest of ingredients – plant protein and water – and by controlling the parameters of  our new continuous shearing and mixing process we can tailor the conditions to obtain the meat-like texture we want.

Our Continuous High Shear (CHS) Technology is the game-changing successor to existing extrusion processes and brings us even closer to a real “meat-like” texture.

Our process makes it possible to produce high quality textured protein at 1000 kg per hour, which not only means that we are able to put plant-based meat on everyone’s table, but also means that the cost of our products will be close to current animal meats.

We are able to control textures at the fiber level – so food manufacturers can choose the length and strength of fibers that best suit the animal meat they wish to replace.



Product features as desired
The flexibility to add ingredients for taste!

Of course “meat” is much more than protein and water! Animal meat owes much of its flavour to the fat it contains. We are able to add fats, emulsions or other wet ingredients to our process so that they are incorporated into the body of the textured protein. We can create further product variations by adding such ingredients at various points in our process.

And that is not all! We can add dry ingredients, such as flavourings, along the process too.

Our CHS technology is highly flexible and can produce a whole variety of different semi-finished products that require only a little extra work before they are ready for the consumer.



Our partners
Innovation from the Netherlands to your plate!

Together with our global partners we are transforming the current food system. It is our ambition to contribute actively to making the world more sustainable and more animal-friendly. To provide our customers with the best plant-based meat and fish, we produce at a fully certified food factory in The Netherlands.

We believe that our technology is a game-changer and we want to provide the world with high-quality realistic meat-like alternatives. Would you like to become a game-changer and join our revolution? 



I am interested in joining the food revolution and would like to know more.

Dutch Structuring Technologies B.V.

T +31(0)85 060 93 41

De Corantijn 95

1689 AN Zwaag

The Netherlands

Thank you, you will receive more information about our revolution soon!


Developing Affordable Plant-based Meat Alternatives 

We are developing the CHS technology to create highly textured and affordable meat alternatives from plant-based ingredients.
Our team is designing a CHS machine capable of processing up to 1000kg/h, building on the success of our 300kg/h version. This project aims to develop realistic plant-based prototypes of meat products like chicken, fish, and beef.


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